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As a team we approach every project as an opportunity to explore something new together, even working from home. Whether is a new brand, a website overhaul or a new marketing strategy we want to push ourselves further and strive for more. It may work, it may not, but we’re always willing to try – it’s how we learn and keep ourselves fresh.

A Team for Any Project!

My Team

If you have worked with Rich before then you have more than likely worked along side these fine folk. Most projects require more than one skill set and as a team we fit most projects.

Rich Ball Director

3/4 of my time I'm working as a senior developer at UK based review provider and lead their marketing team. Our focus is delivering a feature rich platform that offers much more than review collection.

We're very happy to discuss as one of the best marketing strategies a company can make.

Richard Ball

Brett Kellett Creative Director

London based freelance designer, illustrator and art director hailing from the coal stacked hills of West Yorkshire. with over ten years experience working with clients across multiple sectors to define, create and activate their brand. `.

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Brett Kellett

Grace Markham Photographer

To gain an influential edge in your industry, a creative photography solution led by Grace in collaboration with stylists, make-up and studio professionals can curate an exciting direction for your brand.

Allow your brand to push boundaries and a new visual direction.

Grace Markham

Luke Storer PHP Developer

Driven to achieve at the highest levels, Luke has built himself a professional and well-rounded skill set. Focusing not only on the complex technical aspects of code but on the softer user-centric problems we face when developing for the web.

Luke Storer